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MOGPC owns sophisticated-cum-attractive oil reservoir

Maroun Oil and Gas Production Company (MOGPC) is among the leading Iranian companies with the capacity to produce more than 620 tb/d of oil. Qobad Nasseri, CEO of MOGPC, tells “Iran Petroleum” the company would add 30 kb/d to its output capacity by next March. He also said that the Maroun reservoir was one of the most sophisticated and attractive reservoirs in the world, requiring cutting-edge technology and investment. Nasseri said foreign companies would be welcome to cooperate in developing the Khami, Amsari, and Bangestan layers of the Maroun field, promising a good rate of return on investment. The following is the text of Iran Petroleum’s interview with Nasseri.

How much is the current oil and gas production capacity of MOGPC?

The company is currently managing and steering more than 520 wells, over 3,200 km of pipelines as well as 28 industrial plants. Its production capacity stands at 620 tb/d of oil and 600 mcf/d of gas. It is also the sole supplier of feedstock to the Isfahan refinery in addition to providing feedstock for export.

To what extent did MOGPC meet its target last and this calendar year?

Last calendar year and during the first quarter of the current calendar year, production were targets entirely met. In the current calendar year, 82 tb/d of oil is planned to be added to the company’s output, 75% of which has been achieved in the first quarter.

How much production hike would MOGPC see in the current calendar year?

We plan to drill 4 new development wells and 10 workover wells for the current calendar year. We have also installed an electric desalter at Marooun-4 and a new separator in the Shadegan field and we have also developed a manifold with a view to adding 30 tb/d to MOGPC’s output by the end of the calendar year.

When will MOGPC reach its maximum output?

The company is fully ready to reach maximum production in the shortest possible time. Due to sanctions and a lack of spare parts, the overhaul was delayed. However, good measures have been taken over the past two years to supply spare parts, as a result of which we can reach maximum output.

Have you had any talks with foreign companies to develop MOGPC oil fields?

Development of the Shadegan (Asmari and Bangestan) and Kupal (Asmari) fields has been awarded to Russian companies. They have made a preliminary inspection of the fields, but we have yet to assign them the fields. MOGPC is one of the largest crude oil producers in the country and there is great potential for attracting foreign investment due to the high rate of return in the short term. The Bangestan reservoir of Kupal is among the attractive reservoirs for foreign investors. In developing the Khami as well as Asmari and Bangestan reservoirs we may cooperate with foreign companies because the Maroun reservoir is one of the most complicated and most attractive reservoirs in the world, requiring modern technology and investment. The Khami reservoir containing valuable gas compounds can serve oil or petrochemical investment companies.

Given the 13th administration’s policy of maximum output, what have you done for maximum efficient recovery?

In order to realize maximum efficient recovery and boost production capacity, we need to undertake some activities. We have been doing significant measures since last calendar year, which have resulted in an output hike.  Some of these measures are as follows: In November 2022, we began construction of a 36-km-long 10-inch pipeline stretching from the Shadegan separation facility to the Maroun-3 and Maroun-4 plants, which we ended last May. That brought the Shadegan oil field production capacity to about 15 tb/d. We also started building a 26-km-long gas pipeline last March, which would prevent the flaring of 30 mcf. Furthermore, with a view to stabilizing production, we started the overhaul of processing equipment. We’ve now finished the overhaul of the coalescer tank of Maroun-1 and Maroun. The coalescer tank of Maroun-4 is now operational and Maroun-1’s tank would come online soon.

How much is MOGPC’s oil recovery rate?

The rate of recovery differs in various fields. For instance, the rate of recovery in the Maroun field is about 25% due to complexities while it stands at more than 50% in Shadegan. If necessary investment is made we will definitely see production hike in these fields.

What measures have you undertaken in line with protecting the environment and preventing pollution caused by gas flaring?

With a view to reducing gas flaring, we have signed agreements with Tamkar Gas and Hirbod Niroo to cut gas flaring down to below 10%. We’ll have no flaring over two years in case some projects are implemented.

Did your company face mandatory production cuts in recent years?

Being the sole feedstock supplier to the Isfahan refinery, MOGPC has been operating at full capacity despite all sanctions.

What about gas injection into MOGPC’s gas fields?

We’re currently injecting gas into the Kupal oil field to stabilize pressure and increase the recovery rate. Of course, for overhaul and safety, we have shut down the gas injection facility over the past two years. But the overhaul of gas injection is underway, which we hope would be over by the end of the current calendar year.

What measures have you undertaken to use new technologies and control the oil quality with a view to protecting the environment and securing defense?

As far as renovation of installations is concerned, we have installed two new-generation membrane desalters with 20 kb/d capacity at Maroun-5 to guarantee crude oil quality control. It is currently under test to become operational later. For waste injection pumps, we envisaged 6 devices. One has been installed and the rest would have been installed by the end of the current calendar year. New waste pools are also under construction. In addition to that, we are building a wide concrete bridge in the main corridor of oil pipelines of MOGPC towards Aghajari and Omidieh for defense purposes and safeguarding the pipelines. In order to supply the necessary industrial water for operational units, a new pumping system has been installed. Desulfurizing towers with 40 kb capacity have been installed at Maroun3 and Maroun-5, which would come online by the end of the year. Also, relying on domestic capacity, we have built a 5 kb MOS device, whose components have been fully provided by local manufacturers.

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News ID 631886

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