Expert: Iran seeking greater role in gas trade with neighbors

SHANA (Tehran) – A senior energy expert said Iran is seeking to have a greater role in its gas trade with neighboring countries.

In an interview with SHANA, Narsi Ghorban added Iran, as a big gas producer and consumer, could also play a major role in swapping gas, as it is geographically connected to several countries.

Iran is moving toward turning into a gas hub in the region, he said, explaining, “To this end, Iran receives gas from exporting countries and exports to importing states.”

Earlier, Iran imported gas from Turkmenistan to supply its northern parts, recalled the analyst, adding the imports stopped for some years due to the country’s debt and financial dispute.

The resumption of gas imports from Turkmenistan would help Iran meet its northern areas’ needs and boost its exports, said Ghorban, continuing the plan would have enormous economic benefits for the country.

Iran has water border with Russia and needs to import its gas through Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan routes, he mentioned.

If Iran imports gas from Russia, it could supply its northern parts and export gas the country produces in the south to other countries such as Oman, Pakistan, and even India.

The senior expert noted, “If Iran wants to be the region’s gas hub, it has to be both an importer and an exporter and does not lose its markets to rivals.”

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