9 January 2023 - 14:29
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Ilam Gas Refinery Uses Domestic Molecular Sieve, Catalyst

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The CEO of Ilam Gas Refining Company said the plant uses domestically manufactured molecular sieves and catalysts, which European companies previously supplied, to support knowledge-based companies and facilitate the booming Iranian goods market.

Speaking to Shana, Ruhollah Nooryan stated that the refinery has taken good steps in line with the policies of self-sufficiency, and reducing and eliminating dependence on foreign countries, by identifying capable knowledge-based companies, and stated: “Supporting and accompanying knowledge-based companies will speed up the improvement of domestic business and cut off the dependence on buying foreign goods.”

Stating that this industrial unit has considered using Iranian goods instead of foreign ones top on its agenda, he said: “Providing the key equipment and technologies needed by relying on the power of knowledge-based companies is one of the main strategies to realize the economy of resilience, resisting the cruel sanctions of the West, end dependence on foreigners and maintain the dignity and independence of the country.”

The CEO of Ilam Gas Refining Company stated: “16 essential and vital equipment of this refinery, which were provided by foreign companies in the past, have now been localized by the capable hands of local experts.”

Pointing out that the chemical materials used in this refinery, including molecular sieves for the dehumidification unit, aluminum and titanium catalysts for the sulfur and active carbon recycling unit, were supplied by Iranian knowledge-based companies, he noted that the refinery has planned to supply 21 strategic items for the first time in the country.

News ID 466931


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