Kuwait refuses inclusion of fossil fuels phase-out call in COP28 draft deal: Oil minister

Kuwait reaffirmed its rejection for the inclusion of any call for phasing out fossil fuels consumption and production in the COP28 draft final climate deal, Oil Minister Saad Al Barrak said in statements to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Monday.

However, the minister said his country deeply believes in the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions to protect the environment, Reuters reported.

"This goal could be achieved through the introduction of new technical and control solutions," he argued, noting that ditching fossil fuels "would, undoubtedly, gravely impact the global economy and create enormous problems for the energy sector and the development process".

OPEC's top Arab energy ministers arrived in Doha on Monday for the 12th Arab Energy Conference as countries clash at the UN's COP28 climate summit over a possible agreement to phase-out fossil fuels.

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